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Web Design, Custom Made and Mobile Friendly

"Web Design, Custom Made and Mobile Friendly" - Those were the first words that came to mind when I started this business. I make websites for local businesses and I code all of them by hand. Everything I do is custom, and I code all of my websites to be mobile friendly or responsive. Responsive web design is a method of coding websites to adapt or respond to all browser sizes. This means that your website will fit to any size device cleanly. Text will wrap like it should, and images will squeeze to the size of your device so you don't have to scroll right to see the rest of the content. Take a look at my portfolio to see some of the websites I've made.

Your Business

Websites are becoming crucial to businesses more and more as each year passes. On top of that, it's especially important for businesses to have websites that are mobile friendly. According to Google, more searches are being done on mobile devices than on desktops. Return on investment is significant when having a website. In this case study a company saw a 34% increase in sales just by redesigning their website.
It's not just about sales though. Designing a website is about portraying an image of your company. You want people to have a sense of who you are as a company, and you want your website to project that. That's where I come in to help you design it.

About Me

SSJ Studios - Joel Sanguinetti

My name is Joel Sanguinetti and I've been doing web design for three years now. It started back in college when I was majoring in Game Programming. I took a couple web development courses my last semester and became addicted. I enjoyed seeing my work as I was coding it. I loved seeing my work come to life. I soon after got an IT job with an apparel company and ended up making their websites. Two years later I started working for a web design company forty miles from home and stayed with them for nine months. That was when I decided to leave and start my own business.

I thoroughly enjoy designing. Ever since childhood I've enjoyed drawing, and growing up I developed a fascination with user interface design. When I got into web design, it came natural. Every website I've made, I took passion in and have worked hard to make them both user friendly and aesthetically pleasing. That's why I decided to start my own business designing websites for local businesses. I enjoy working with people to help design their sites. I like discussing ideas and coming up with innovative ways to interact with the user.